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“Conditioners and hair treatments only belong in the hair lengths and in the tips,” says the hair expert. “The approach is usually healthy and smooth and can complicate and grease more quickly thanks to the extra care.”

For our hair lengths, however, a conditoner is an absolute must-have. From chin-length hair, you should never do without the nourishing conditioner after washing. It closes the cuticle of the hair, which is opened and roughened by washing.

Leave-in care even for fine hair

Are you avoiding leave-in care because you feel that it makes your fine hair appear greasy and streaky? Then you simply haven’t found the right product for your hair. “Leave-in products are always great on-top care,” says the hair expert. “It is only important that the product matches the hair type.”

You have thick hair Then the care factor of your leave-in product, just like the conditioner, can be high. Hair oils are also great for full hair to prevent split ends. Thin hair benefits from special leave-in products that provide more volume (e.g. ‘Volume Multiplier’ from Pantene Pro V). They care for and protect the hair without weighing it down and make the hair look fuller and easier to grip.

Dry your hair gently

Many women blame blow drying for their stressed mane. Blow-drying is not the problem itself. “The hair-damaging when blow-drying is the air, which is usually set too hot, with which we blow our hair,” says Sacha Schütte. The professional therefore advises: plan a few more minutes for blow-drying and gently dry the hair at a low to medium level.

If you want to do everything right, let your hair dry briefly under an turban made of an absorbent microfiber towel before blow-drying.

Extra hair dryer tip for more volume: If you just can’t give your hair more momentum with the round brush, you can also dry it upside down with the hair dryer. This gives the hair more volume at the base and appears fuller.

Important: Always hold the hair dryer away from your head towards the tips of your hair, so as not to roughen the surface of the hair and to unnecessarily strain it.

Cut tips, but do it right!

If you want beautiful hair, you can’t avoid regular lace cutting. But how often and how much really needs to be cut? “The tips should be removed every eight to ten weeks so that the hair looks healthy and strong,” advises the hair professional. “But then really only the tips, that’s about half a centimeter.”

Beautiful hair thanks to intensive care

There are many reasons for dull, dry hair: environmental influences such as UV rays, salt water or dry heating air, frequent dyeing, hard-wearing heat styling, incorrect care, but also hormone fluctuations can be responsible for our brittle mane.

Moisturizing masks and treatments give the hair back its suppleness and should therefore be on the program once a week. Ingredients such as argan oil, coconut milk and pathenol are considered real moisture boosters and should quickly make the hair soft and silky again.

Extra tip:Work your hair treatment into the hair with a coarse-toothed comb. This way, you not only need a smaller amount of the product. It also increases the care effect because your mane can better absorb the treatment or mask. Important: “Not every comb is suitable for wet hair,” says Sacha Schütte. “Combs with fine tines can put a lot of strain on wet hair and are therefore absolutely taboo.”

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