Milk cartons DIY: flower vase with stones

I recycle many of my products. I produce new products by evaluating waste products. It’s not too hard. You spend some time and good results. Then in a corner of your home is a beautiful decoration product.

I just think it’s great when I can make something new out of old things or packaging. Empty milk cartons are particularly suitable for this. The shape and height of this packaging offer an incredible number of handicraft options.

Make vases out of empty milk bags

Today I’m going to show you a DIY milk carton with a real WOW effect. I covered the empty milk packaging with small stones all around and now use them as vases. As always, you can see how this works step by step on the next pictures.

What you need for this DIY bag:

  • Empty milk cartons
  • scissors
  • Acrylic paint black and white (or gray)
  • brush
  • hot glue
  • small pebbles or other small stones with as smooth a surface as possible

Here we go!

1st step: First you use scissors to cut off the upper part of the milk carton and rinse the empty packaging well. You can choose the height of your milk carton vases as you like. I made a high and a low vase and cut more or less from the bag accordingly.

2nd step So that the packaging does not shine through in some places after sticking the stones, you brush the milk packaging with acrylic paint. I chose a shade of gray to match the color of the stones. Mix gray paint with a little black and a lot of white acrylic paint (if you don’t even have gray acrylic paint there). The paint must have dried well before pasting.

Step 3: Now the stones are already glued on. Starts at the bottom and makes sure that the stones do not protrude over the edge, so that the vases rest on the entire surface.

Then you work your way around the milk cartons. This is wonderfully meditative puzzle work 🙂 At the end you glue stones on the top of the pack. This gives a nice finish and thus hides the cut edges of the milk cartons.

In the end you made a solid vase stuck with stones from the light milk packaging.

I put hydrangeas from the garden in my two DIY vases. The advantage of milk packaging is that it is tight and you can put the water directly into it.

How do you like this idea? Do you also like to make something new out of something old?

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