Hair color trends especially for brown hair

Would you like a fresh, new look? This does not always require a complete type change. Here are 3 trendy hair color trends that make brown hair an eye-catcher.

Anyone who has had enough of their hair color doesn’t have to plan a radical makeover right away. Because with just a few changes you can give your mane a completely new look and make your brown hair shine. We show you 3 hair color trends especially for brown hair that you are guaranteed to love.

Glossy Chocolate: Rich brown is popular

The easiest and most natural change for brunettes is to intensify your own hair color. So this hair color trend is just right: Because rich shades of brown, which are reminiscent of irresistible chocolate , are very popular right now. A certain tone does not have to be hit.

Regardless of whether it is a medium brown shade or a deeper black brown – it is only important that the hair is tinted uniformly, from the roots to the tips.

In addition, this trendundefined should include a regular care ritual on the program to make the rich color shine. Special thermal treatments and intensive masks are ideal for hairdressersthat prevent frizz and smooth the hair surface. Great is the Newsha Rescue System, for example, which we tested. Click here for our experience report.

Maroon: Warm brown tones are a trend

Warm colors are not only back for blondes: brown hair with a warm, reddish undertone is back in vogue againundefined – and is the ideal choice for everyone who doesn’t really dare to get a more intense red. Chestnut and copper brown shades not only make our hair shine gorgeous in the sun. The warm hair colors also act like a rejuvenation cure and quickly cheat away for a few years.

Delicate highlights like fresh from vacation

Soft highlights and fine highlights will remain with us next year. Especially in are natural gradients that give our mane a delicate sunkissed look. Bright color accents give brown hair more movement and make straight haircuts appear immediately more exciting.

The so-called Babylight technology ensures a particularly natural result. With this dyeing method, the natural shade is retained and is only made to shine with very few, bright highlights. Important: In order to avoid a strong contrast, the color of the highlights should only be a few shades lighter than the rest.

You can read more about the different highlighting techniques here.

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