3 simple instructions for trendy braided hairstyles

Whether as an elegant look for a wedding or as a salvation on Bad Hair Days: braided hair is always possible. We show you three simple looks to style and reveal the best tricks for braiding hair.

We love braided hairstyles! Twisted and braided hair are not only real eye-catchers, they are also styled much faster than most people think. We tell you professional tricks about braided hair and show step-by-step instructions with which you can transform your mane into trendy braided hairstyles.

Braided hair: With these tips you will become a braided queen!

1. Practice, practice, practice!

Even if you initially feel like you have two left hands, you shouldn’t give up right away. Hair braiding is a matter of practice. Are you still an absolute beginner in braiding? Then start with a light hairstyle and only gradually increase the level of difficulty. No master has just fallen from the sky!

2. Use styling products!

Even if you mostly do without hairspray, foam, etc. in everyday life, styling products can be a real beauty saver for braided hairstyles. Mousse or spray salt make thin hair plattest for example grip before braiding, while spray or paint to make sure that your finished styling keeps as long as possible. 3rd Get matching cable ties!

Are you wondering why your finished braided hairstyle doesn’t look like that of the stars and beauty bloggers? This could be due to the wrong accessories. Natural looks, for example with flower wreaths, are best achieved with transparent, thin cable ties that attract as little attention as possible. On the other hand, it becomes elegant with beautiful hair accessories and accessories such as simple hair bands or barrettes.

Simple braided hairstyle: quick cord braid

Effort: approx. 5 minutes
You need: hairspray and a thin hair tie

Do you prefer to have your hair tied in a braid? Then replace your normal ponytail with a trendy cord braid. So you have no annoying hair hanging on your face and still a real eye-catcher hairstyle. Another plus: the cord braid is styled in just five minutes.

Step-by-step: This is how you style the slim cord braid

1. Tie your hair into a ponytail – you decide whether you want it up or down the neck.
2. Divide your braid into two parts and spray it with a little hairspray.
3. Twist the two sections of hair around your own axis until they become two tight cords.
4. Finally, braid the two cords together and fix them at the bottom with the cable elastic.

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